After more than thirty years of experience dedicated to Repair faller bars systems, circular combs and Stenter pins plates, we have available a large stock that has brought us at the head of European enterprises in pins selling.

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Sabadell Maquinària Tèxtil, s.l. has always been worried about SME enterprises which can not afford new products because of the high prices.

As a matter of fact more than the 50% of our spare parts are completely checked and guaranteed Used Spare Parts.

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Control Plates

This system without faller bars has changed the way of working with a lot of natural and synthetic fibers. It is mainly due to the versatility given by different sort of control plates in the rotary gill head.
Combing Brushes

One of the main reasons for the success of the Combing and Recombing Industries are Schlumberger and Sant Andrea disposable noil brushes.
Faller Bars

The opportunity to offer to our customers a wide range of faller bars, even if they are for High Speed Gils or Screws Gils, make us proud. We feed up the faller bars with resins, tin or directly to pressure by inserts. With no doubt, this is more than a service because nowadays companies are reducing stocks to maximum.
Top Comb Stripes

We offer more than 20 different kinds of top comb strips depending on the number of pins per centimeter and its conicity.
Combing Aprons

The mix of synthetic and leather materials has show up with one of the most durability combing aprons in the market which show how much acceptance the product has recently had.

They could be defined as a high quality revolutionary system that allow the needle strips to be changed very fast. A system that everyday is competing more and more with the firm Staedtler.
Tension Capsules

The last innovation that SMTEXTIL offers are the overfeeding plates and the TFO tension capsules. We have a wide range of capsules for TFO Volkmann (with or without pneumatic threading), Hamel, Savio, Saurer Allma, Rpr, Barmag...
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